Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Great Zambian Safari Adventure!

I apologize profusely for being so negligent with this blog and late in posting a lot of important things, which I know you are biting your nails in anticipation to read about.  Let's start with Rob and my vacation to Zambia for Christmas.  Let's just say, top ten best vacations ever.

We started out at Lusaka, where there are malls and 3D movie theaters.  We went nuts on the faux First World.  In real life I have about an hour a month where I can stand shopping for clothes.  I hate shopping.  Apparently, those one hours per month have accumulated while I've been here, so I went on a marathon shopping spree, got my hair cut, my back massaged, my toes pedicured.  We saw Life of Pi and The Hobit in 3D, no expense spared on popcorn, nachos, and movie candy.  We had sushi at every meal it was available.  Pretty much, awesome.

Moved onto Livingstonia, home of Victoria Falls.  Went whitewater rafting, where I almost drowned on the first rapid, pet cheetahs and lions, swam to the edge of the falls, went on a booze cruise, ate our weight in seafood for our Christmas Favorite Things Feast, ate our weight again in pastries at a super fancy hotel for High Tea.  Another huge win.
Ooooh!  Aaaaah!

Rob swam to the edge of the Falls! I chickened out!!

There was lots o rain.  And lots of mud in the water...
 Booze Cruise on Christmas Day:

Robert: "Stacey, its not a race"
Me: "Yes. It is."

Booze cruise sightings

And my most favoritest part!  The Cheetah Walk plus surprise lion encounter!:

White male lion loving on his girlfriend
And Rob's favorite, whitewater rafting on the Zambezi.  It is known as the best 1-day rafting trip in the world:
At the starting line.  Luckily, our new friend on the left over there is a doctor.
Just something to ease our minds for the coming turbulence.

The bridge overlooking the Zambezi, where our adventure begins

Me. Drowning.
Rob said after I fell out this first rapid (a Class 5) I was under
for almost 25 seconds, as the current pulled me down and water
continuously poured over my head as I struggled.  Not fun.

A nice man named Baby Face saved me in his kayak.
Here we go!

Controlled drowning...

We win!

Rounded it all off with a 2-day safari with 5 other PC Malawi friends:

The heavens are about to open up over our safari jeep.  But we won't quit.
Peace Corps Safari X -treme!

A hyena hiding in the bush... but we seeeeeeee you!!!

Monkey Bridge leading into the park.
Momma lion with buffalo blood on her chin.  Yum.

I liked the baby animals the best.

Wild dog hunt!  Apparently only 1% of visitors spot these guys.
Get it?! Spot!

Albino baby monkey on mommy monkey!

Elephant doing a funny dance!

Safari sunset!

Spotted a leopard on our night drive!  Hey, get it again?!? Spotted!?
Jealous? You should come with us next time!


  1. Seeing snapshots of one's daughter drowning are much easier to look at a couple of months after the fact. Thanks for for the delayed post. Awesome vacation though - Well Played!!!

  2. Wow, that falls looks scary! The cheetah walk looks fun, and the white lion at the end is quite an added treat. You took great pics too, considering that you guys were on the move.

    I’d say falling off into the rapids is not fun for most, if not all people. Good thing there was a rescuer ready for such occasions.