Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#5 My Little Corner of Heaven

My little village of Chikwina is really my own little corner of Heaven.  I just love it here.  I can’t describe how beautiful it is up here in the mountains.  You’ll have to just come and see it for yourself.  Just my walk to school is breathtaking (literally and figuratively, that is NOT an easy walk to make).  I mean, this place really is of the highest caliber.  The air is pristine, there’s no traffic, all the food is grown locally by my neighbors, the kids are respectful (mostly) and helpful.  My favorite time to walk around the village is late afternoon.  That’s pretty much social hour here, but it’s also cooler and the light is the prettiest (well, tied for first with early morning). 

But what I really LOVE is walking around in all this beauty and knowing everyone’s name.  Well, a good portion of names.  It’s this unbelievable feeling of camaraderie to walk to the market and call out “how are you Mr. Phiri!” or “good afternoon, Mr. Banda!” or “hey, Darlington, are you selling honey today?”  It’s like a freaking episode of Leave it to Beaver, but set in Africa.  It’s great knowing who to ask for eggs or charcoal and who sells the best tomatoes.  I feel like I’ve got “the in”.  I wish this were still common in America.  It really is something to feel good about – the cliché suburban neighborhood.  It’s the ultimate warm-fuzzy feeling.

On my way to school

A Chikwina sunset

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