Friday, November 23, 2012

#6 Lake Malawi

I was snorkeling in the lake this morning watching the bright little fishies do their mating dances when I was struck by how freaking lucky I am to be doing this.  The lake is unbelievable!  Don’t believe me?  A few years ago National Geographic named Lake Malawi the most beautiful lake in the world.  And those guys know their lakes!

Just a passing view.
I'll put up more later to attempt to do the lake justice.
 The colors are so bright it’s like their irreverent of any of the other colors.  Especially those boastful blues.  They have every reason to be boastful, the rest of the color wheel doesn’t even stand a chance.  You could be in the ugliest part of  Malawi, but if you’re in sight of the lake, the scenery is instantly gorgeous.  And the waters are warm and so clear!  I learned to scuba dive in them without a wet suit, it was so warm, even 15 meters down and at night.

I do not have the words of the narrative ability to eulogize the lake as it deserves.  But I will at least always remember the first time I camped on the beach and woke up for the sunrise over the lake.  It was insane!  And our first bonfire that turned into a mass night swim.  And playing Frisbee in the shallows and drinking wine with our toes in the water and running on the beach with Doug when he was a puppy.  And bathing and doing dishes in the lake as the sun sets behind the mountains.  It feels more natural and calming than anything in the world.  I can’t imagine what my service would be like if it weren’t for the lake.  There would be a lot less to love about Malawi and we’d have to get really creative with our time-outs and get-aways from the village.  Just being near the lake is like breathing again.  I want to give it a hug!

Way to go, God!  You really outdid yourself with this one!

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