Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitty is having Kittens!!!

Pregnant Kitty napping with me on Couch in the
weirdest position possible.  Also, she's HUGE!

Kitty is super duper pregnant.  It’s hilarious and adorable.  She’s so fat!  She knocks things over a lot more than usual because she’s like twice the size as she used to be.  She sleeps even more but she can never get comfortable.  So cute watching her squirm!  I know she’s probably miserable, but I just can’t get enough of it!  She’s got this voracious appetite now, she’ll eat through any amount of plastic to get to meat.  And she’s like a magnet for cuddling.  She followed me all the way to the Health Center the other day and waited for me to sit down so she could curl up on my lap.  Adorable.  I’ve made a little kitten nest out of a care package box.  It has a little sign and everything, “C-A-T Nursery”.  Rob and I are calling it “The Birthing Box” for now though, so we don’t jinx it.  God, I’m gonna love these babies.  Should be due at the end of the month!  Rob thinks it’ll be a liter of two, I’m thinking three.  Anyone wanna put money down on this?!   

Pregnant Kitty has commandeered Doug's bed for her own
pregnant kitty use.  Sorry Doug.  You can kind of
see her little pregnant kitty baby bump.

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  1. How many kittens did she have?