Thursday, February 14, 2013

Health Center Building Project Update

Gah, I’m so tired of talking about the health center.  I just want it to work out already!!  But things ARE progressing.

The MP has promised to fund the project, but he hasn’t gotten back to me about how much, when, and from where he will get us the money.  I’m expecting about 6 million kwacha from him, which will be perfect, as long as he actually comes through.

Peace Corps is giving us another $1000+ to adjust for the inflation that’s occurred since we originally submitted the grant.  So that’ll help.

We went on our first buying-spree.  Spent $1000 of the SPA grant from PC to buy the cement and tools and stuff for the foundation.  The foundation is almost completely dug and should be cemented in next week!!!  So things are definitely going!
Our first delivery! That's Mr. Phiri in the front, the Senior Health
Surveillance Assistant and project manager, taking to the Nurse and the
Medical Assistant.  Doug is helping too...
100 bags of cement!

I’ve decided against extending my service.  If I extended it could potentially jeopardize Chikwina receiving a new PCV from this new group, which wouldn’t be fair, and could set us back quite a bit.  So instead, I’ve worked out a deal with the office that we’ll identify my replacement early so I can work with him/her throughout training on passing off this massive project.  I’ve even gone a step further to post essentially a Want Ad on the facebook group for the new health group coming in to identify my own suitable replacement.  Ya know, can’t really trust the office all the time.  I unwisely have really high hopes for the next few months!
Slashing the site of grass

Marking out the boundaries. Check out that view!

The contractor and his team

Starting to dig the foundation... bye bye mango tree.
It's for the greater good.

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  1. Finally!! Way to go Stacey. If you want a job as a program manager when you are done you should come see me. :)