Wednesday, December 5, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Round 4: Picture Safari!

It’s December, you know what that means?!  PRESENTS! 

This year I’m giving myself a trip to Zambia.  Beat that!  Plan is to spend a week going from the capitol, Lusaka, to Victoria Falls, then the last 4 days of vacation on SAFARI!!! I actually think I’m most excited to spend some time in Lusaka.  They have THREE malls there!  With multilevel parking garages!  I don’t even like malls!  But Rob is in desperate need of new clothes and I just might get myself a pedicure.  I’d LOVE to get my nasty Africa feet into the hands of a professional… I’ll tip well.  We’re gonna go see a movie in a movie theater with popcorn, and get Thai food, ice cream, a Subway sandwich (they have Subway there!  It’s a novelty to me.)  It’s been 6 months already since Europe with the fam, I could use a little faux-First World action.

To prepare for the trip, the safari specifically, I’m gonna brush up on my picture-taking skills, of which I have none. This month’s 30-day challenge is to study up on digital photography, maybe some editing, and take at least one decent picture a day.

Today’s pic:
My running route

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